Excited to announce that A Shadow’s Breath, my new YA novel, will be launched on Friday February 3, at Dymocks, Collins Street, Melbourne by the amazing New York Times bestselling author, Amie Kaufman.


Even better, the reviews are coming in, and they’re lovely.

But if you can’t wait until Feb 3, or can’t make it to the launch, A Shadow’s Breath will be in bookshops January 30. You can pre-order now.

In the meantime, you might try to get your hands on one of these amazing review copies designed by the brilliant peeps at Penguin Random House.

This beauty arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas.


And if you can find your way to the Penguin YA Showcases, currently scheduled for Sydney and Melbourne, with whispers of others in the wings, you might be the lucky recipient of one of Penguin Teen’s famous Super-proofs – featuring extracts from a range of 2017 titles, including A Shadow’s Breath. You can check at your local bookshop, too, though they’ll be snapped up quickly, and numbers are limited.


Also, keep an eye out for a series of public events to follow.


If you love your footy, and are pumped about the launch of the inaugural women’s footy competition on Feb 3, you’ll want to get your hands on the other big project I’ve been working on this past year. In collaboration with the amazing Alicia Sometimes, partner in crime at the Outer Sanctum, and collaborator on our 2016 book, From the Outer: Footy Like You’ve Never Heard It, I’m excited to announce the upcoming must-have guide to the women’s competition: A Footy Girl’s Guide to the Stars of 2017. Aimed at kids ages 7-12, A Footy Girl’s Guide features one superstar from each of the AFLW clubs, including Daisy Pearce, Katie Brennan, Sabrina Frederick-Traub, among others.


Extra points if you can tell me who this is:


Available February 1, or on pre-order now, A Footy Girl’s Guide is the must-have book for footy fans young and old.


Okay, it was me. Still, we at the Outer Sanctum have been busy preparing for this groundbreaking event, gearing up to share with you the stories that matter to us, on and off the footy field. Can’t say much yet, so stay tuned for more in late January.


Here are a whole bunch of books you should read. One of them might or might not be mine.