ABC Radio interview with Libbi Gorr

Can’t wait to chat with the fabulous Libbi Gorr this Sunday (March 9) on 774 ABC Radio – I’ve been a big fan of Libbi’s work for years now, and am keen to finally meet her. We’ll be talking footy, girls, women and The Whole of My World, among other things.

It all starts at 10.30 am. Hopefully I won’t make a total fool of myself. Or if I do, feel free to mock me shamelessly* on Facebook:


*Of course, by “mock me shamelessly” I mean “congratulate me generously and publicly”.


Australian writers rock. We know it, and we love them. But it’s not always easy to discover the Australian talent that is right under our noses.

From Australia With Love Blog Hop introduces you to 18 Aussie authors across a variety of categories and genres. Each author is hosting three of their fellow blog hop participants between now and Valentine’s Day to let you find out more about them. So follow them on twitter, like their Facebook page and visit their blogs during the blog hop period to discover more great Australian writers.

And to show how much these Aussie authors love their readers, they’ve donated some great prizes for you to win!

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Ronnie Strong


Ronnie Strong

Becca Lee


Becca Lee

Nina Levine


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Nicole R Taylor


Nicole R Taylor

Cameron Trost


Cameron Trost

L.L. Hunter


Angels on Earth

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Down Under Wonderings

Lisa Swallow


Lisa Swallow

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Nicole Hayes

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Laura Katherine


The Quill Weilder

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Cassandra Page

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Stacey Nash

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Lauren K McKellar

MG & Chapter Books*

LJ Clarkson


Mastermind Academy

Melissa Gijsbers


Melissa Writes

Jacqueline Harvey


Jacqueline Harvey

 *Also visit YAtopia for additional MG posts.

Interview on ABC Local Radio

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Liz Ellis at the ABC studios about The Whole of My World. It was a lot of fun meeting someone I greatly admire, but also being able to talk about some of the bigger themes I explored in the story. Was a fun morning, and even better hearing the interview on air. I’ll include the link here when it’s available.

But in the meantime, here’s the file for your listening pleasure…

And the winner is….

Results from contest are:

Tricia Williamson aka @TriciaWill has won a signed copy of The Whole of My World.


And the winner of the Gift Voucher is Effie B aka @

Congratulations to you both! Your prizes will go out this week.

Thanks to everyone for playing along, and watch out for future contests and giveaways.

In the meantime, happy reading!