It’s still Thursday, isn’t it?


Time is a weird and woolly thing, isn’t it? We’re currently in lockdown Mark 2 – or is it 3? – in Melbourne, Australia, and the days, while full and busy, run together at the same time that they drag and slow. It’s odd and unsettling, but also, almost feels normal. We adapt, don’t we? In unexpected ways.

So I’ve tried to use the time to work productively, while also cutting myself some slack about off days. Days that fade before they seem to have started. Where energy flags, or life closes in, or the smallest of tasks seems impossible. There have been a few of those.

But that’s on me. Here’s what you need to know:

The latest Little Legends is out and the readers are loving it. Feedback has been lovely with a lots of questions about the next book in the series.

Hold on for the specifics, but it won’t be out before 2021. Hopefully, alongside an actual footy season? Global pandemics notwithstanding.

In the meantime, I wrote about writing for young people at the Australian Writers Centre.

You can read it here.

And I’ve been teaching and critiquing and offering feedback to other writers.

I’ve also been talking footy with my team at The Outer Sanctum — latest episodes here.

And I’ve been a guest panellist on Colour of Your Jumper with the gorgeous and brilliant Shelley Ware, and the erudite and entertaining, Osman Faruqi.

The latest episode is here, but go back and check them all out. Great chat, fun format, excellent guests.

And in between all that I’ve been writing my little heart out.

On what, you might ask? That’s a very good question. As soon as I know, I’ll tell you.

But in the meantime, check in with me on my socials:

Facebook: Nicole Hayes (author)
Twitter: @nichmelbourne

Don’t forget to mask up, wash your hands and keep your distance.

We’ve got this, people. We’re nearly there.

Nic xx