Little Legends kicking goals!

It’s been a huge year — or two, but who’s counting? — for our Little Legends and, well, the authors too. Adrian Beck and I have both spent approximately one million years (220 plus days) in various forms of lockdown, not to mention the many other levels of restrictions, which has made it virtually impossible to visit schools, or bookshops, or each other.

Despite this, we had a ball devising this series, and managed to send each book on its way into the wide world regardless. This is the whole set of the regular editions.

This is the Australia Reads Special Edition:

Like I said, it’s been quite a year.

So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your own little legend, here’s a bunch you can choose from.

You can buy online, or check out your local bookshop, supporting local authors and bricks and mortar businesses, all of which have struggled under the weight of lockdown and restrictions, and general COVID chaos.

Hope you’re all safe and fully vaccinated, and if not yet, are on the verge of living your best lives.